Culture is your co-founder when you’re not in the room. We can help you codify and scale yours, so you can scale your judgement, along with your business:

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Your culture is not on your website, it’s the every-day decisions and behaviors that get repeated. It’s how your team makes decisions when you’re not in the room. At a high-level this work has three phases:

  • Phase 1 - Understand & assess the culture you already have

  • Phase 2 - Codify your culture in writing - what is your mission? Your vision? Are your values actionable? Or are they ‘duh’ values like Respect?

  • Phase 3 - Operationalize your codified culture. The way you do performance reviews and set goals says more about your culture than what you did at your last offsite. We work together to make sure that the organizational rhythm of your People processes makes sense for the culture you’re building and aligns with your business strategy

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  • Understand the strengths, weaknesses, spoken, and most importantly, unspoken norms that already exist (whether you’re a team of 15 or 50)

  • Your company’s “Manifesto” (or call it “Constitution”, “Book of Values”, “Culture Compass”)

  • Your company’s “Organizational Rhythm”—how are goals set at your company? What about feedback? Do you use 360s? Performance reviews? We will answer these questions and more—tailored to your company.

Scale your judgement, so you can scale your companY