You’ve decided to take a step back with your team—Design & facilitation with an outsider can make that time truly valuable

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  • We’ll set up an intro session to understand your goals 

  • Depending on your goals, we will co-design a half-, full-, or multi-day session with your team. You will be actively involved in our planning so that what we do builds on what you’re already doing. 

  • During the actual session or off-site I will facilitate the team through high-impact activities. As a neutral third-party, my presence helps to push your team to have hard discussions and bonding moments that would feel uncomfortable otherwise.

  • Post-session, we will reflect on insights and any commitments that were made

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As your facilitator I create space and ‘permission’ for:

  • Hard conversations 

  • Bonding (sometimes silly) moments 

  • Strategic activities that help your team align and speak up when there are misalignments