As a founder or leader you’re being asked to grow as your company grows—exponentially and quickly. How can you do that in practice? The best leaders have a coach.

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  • We’ll set up an intro session to understand your goals and if we’re a fit for each other (coaching is a 2-way relationship)

  • We’ll meet every other week for 1 hour (in-person or over Zoom). I recommend at least 6 sessions to make meaningful progress toward your goals

  • After each session you will leave with new insights and actions to move you forward

  • I am available over email in-between our sessions

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As your coach I am here to help you:

  • Reflect so you can learn from the past and think more clearly

  • Work on leadership skills & behaviors that may be new to you

  • Change behaviors that may be slowing you down

  • Identify high-leverage blocks or boosts

  • Most importantly, master your mindset through the ups and downs of high-growth teams