People skills aren’t naturally programmed into people. They need to be taught and learned. Level-up your people so they can work well in diverse teams through engaging, actionable workshops

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  • It starts with an intro call to understand your needs

  • Depending on time & size, we will decide on a workshop program that meets your goals  

  • And then you just show up (and let me plug in to your screen). I’ll bring the rest (energy, sharpies, and more!)

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Every training is tailored to your specific needs. Some common topics:

  • Unconscious Bias: What you can do about it 

  • The Gift of Feedback Comes With Instructions: How to deliver and receive feedback. How to have healthy conflict.

  • Before You Hire: What you need to know to design strong hiring and on-boarding practices. 

  • So You Want To Be a Great Manager? People leave managers, not teams. Learn how to be a great one.

  • The Building Blocks of Culture: How to design & diagnose your culture.

And more