Finish this sentence: Here we______.

That's what we help you do. We’re workplace culture partners. We assess and nurture company culture as it stands today, and help evolve it strategically—so people can do more of the right things, faster.

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Whether you’re a team of 5, 50, or 5000, you have to know what you’re about, who you’re doing it all for, and how to get where you need to go. These ‘first principles’ are what guide decision-making, growth, and ultimately, the kind of success your team creates.

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How does this play out?

50% of startups fail in the first 4 years and 66% fail because of people problems.

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Often, we blame the products, systems, or people for failure, when it is actually the glue, aka the internal culture, that gets in the way of success.



That is why HereWe helps create aligned, productive cultures. We believe teams that are intentional about their practices can realize their potential to transform the world.



Challenges we’ll coach you through:

“We’re doubling in size

We just completed our Series ____ funding and we’re worried about preserving our culture as we 10X in size”

“We need to align

We need to get clear as a team on what we’re solving/building for, to move faster”

“Let’s raise our EQ

We need skills on how to communicate & collaborate, especially because we have a complex ecosystem of clients, partners, and teammates”

“What’s really going on?

We want to get our culture ‘right’ - we’ve all been in those horrible toxic environments, we don’t want to recreate that but we need a culture that works for our business goals”



How we can work with you:

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Group Workshops

Engaging. Action-oriented. Develop your people’s EQ as you build trust within your team. Always customized to your business context

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Custom engagements

Clarify your culture. Create a shared language based on where you are going. Build the cultural “Operating System” you need to scale

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Leadership coaching

Don’t wait until people-challenges become fires. Improve your people-skills to keep up your most important relationships, and to facilitate conversations among your leadership team

Getting clear on our values with [HereWe] totally changed how we hire. It sped up our hiring process by filtering out folks who didn't want work to feel the way that we want it to feel.

We just heard from an engineering candidate that this was the single best interviewing process he's ever had.”

Jenny XIA  |  CEO of Freewill, Inc.

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What’s going on Here?


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